Brides’ Wedding with a Vivid Color Palette and House Party Vibes

Brides’ Wedding with a Vivid Color Palette and House Party Vibes.Planning a destination wedding brings about the challenge of selecting vendors who can bring your dream celebration to life. The dilemma often revolves around choosing between local vendors reachable in the same time zone or opting for vendors familiar with your chosen destination.

Selecting local vendors presents the advantage of easy communication within the same time zone. However, there’s a potential drawback as these vendors might lack an intimate understanding of your chosen locale. On the other hand, opting for destination-based vendors brings a wealth of local knowledge, ensuring an authentic experience. Yet, this choice introduces challenges such as different time zones and potential language barriers.

To navigate this decision, consider the unique aspects of your vision. If your dream wedding involves intricate details specific to the destination, collaborating with vendors familiar with the locale becomes essential. They can infuse local charm into your celebration, offering an experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

Conversely, if seamless communication and coordination are top priorities, working with local vendors in your time zone might be preferable. This ensures easier planning and reduces the risk of misunderstandings due to language or logistical barriers.

Ultimately, the choice depends on your wedding priorities and the level of local expertise you desire. Striking a balance between convenience and authenticity is key, allowing you to create a destination wedding that reflects both your vision and the unique charm of the chosen locale.

Whimsical Charm in Margot and Carla’s Invitation Suite

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Photo: Whimsical Charm in Margot and Carla’s Invitation Suite

Laura of Jolly Edition brought a touch of whimsy to Margot and Carla’s wedding invitation suite, infusing it with the vibrant colors of their chosen wedding flowers—apricot, pink, lavender, and muted blue.

The result was a visually enchanting set featuring a floral border and loose, handwritten watercolor lettering. To add a personal touch, Laura incorporated the moon, a symbol of luck for the couple, and crafted a map highlighting key locations related to the wedding, such as hotels, the welcome party venue, and the ceremony and reception venues.

The save-the-dates took on a playful and customized tone, featuring a unique crest adorned with a crawfish and a mini trumpet.

Laura elevated the design with a vellum overlay, showcasing an illustration of The Columns. In a heartfelt tribute to Margot’s late mother, a wax seal adorned with her favorite flower, the hydrangea, added a poignant and meaningful element to the suite.

Laura’s thoughtful and creative approach transformed Margot and Carla’s invitation suite into more than just a set of cards—it became a whimsical and personalized representation of their love story, incorporating cherished symbols and memories that would set the tone for their special day.


Margot\’s Two-Piece Wedding Ensemble: Effortless Elegance in Toni Maticevski

For Margot, the quest for the perfect wedding attire led her away from the traditional choices.

Uninterested in a wedding dress or a conventional tuxedo, Margot discovered the ideal balance in a Toni Maticevski two-piece ensemble. The decision, she recalls, was remarkably swift and stands out as the quickest made throughout the entire wedding-planning journey.

The Toni Maticevski two-piece consisted of a one-shoulder top adorned with gathered petal details and an asymmetric train adorned with playful ruffles.

The ensemble was completed with tailored crepe slim-line pants featuring inverted pockets, a front pleat, and a cropped ankle. Margot’s choice reflected not only her discerning taste but also a desire for a wedding outfit that perfectly melded elegance with individuality.

Margot’s wedding ensemble serves as a testament to the beauty of unconventional choices and the seamless integration of personal style into wedding fashion.

With a Toni Maticevski two-piece, Margot achieved an effortlessly elegant look that spoke to her unique taste and made a statement about the joy of following one’s instincts in the pursuit of wedding day attire.

Margot\’s Thoughtful Accessories: A Blend of Tradition and Personal Touch

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Photo: Margot\’s Thoughtful Accessories: A Blend of Tradition and Personal Touch

Margot adorned herself with accessories that carried both sentimental value and a touch of modern elegance.

She chose to wear her mother’s heirloom pearl earrings, a meaningful link to her family’s history as her mother had worn them during her own wedding. This choice not only honored tradition but also added a layer of familial connection to Margot’s wedding day ensemble.

On her finger, Margot proudly showcased a pear-shaped diamond ring, radiating both sophistication and personal significance.

The choice of a pear-shaped diamond, known for its timeless beauty, echoed the enduring nature of her commitment.

For the ceremony, Margot opted for Badgley Mischka shoes, adding a touch of contemporary style to her ensemble.

The choice of Badgley Mischka, known for its luxury and glamour, complemented Margot’s overall aesthetic for the day.

To complete her wedding-day ensemble, Margot selected Philosykos by Diptyque as her fragrance of choice.

This olfactory detail not only added a subtle and personal touch but also served as a sensory element that would forever be associated with the memories of her special day.

Margot’s selection of accessories beautifully intertwined family history, modern elegance, and personal preferences, creating a cohesive and meaningful ensemble that reflected her unique style and the cherished connections to her loved ones.

Carla\’s Harmonious Bridal Ensemble: A Pearl-Centric Affair

Carla’s journey to finding her wedding dress became an enchanting and collaborative process with Margot.

Concerned that her initial choice might not align with Margot’s ensemble, the couple decided to share their outfits with each other. This transparent and intimate exchange led them back to Loho Bride, where Carla ultimately chose a pleated, corseted gown by Alex Perry. The collaborative approach turned what could have been a stressful decision into a delightful and stress-free experience, ultimately resulting in a balanced and harmonious look for both brides.

Carla’s bridal ensemble was adorned with pearl-centric details, seamlessly tying into the overarching theme.

Her fingertip-length veil from BHLDN featured pearl embellishments, adding a touch of Timeless Elegance. Carla also wore freshwater pearl Chan Luu earrings and a vintage ring from Fox and Bond, a meaningful wedding-day gift from Margot.

Continuing the theme, Carla chose Bella Belle kitten heels with tiny pearl embellishments to complete her look.

Even her perfume bottle featured a pearl hanging from it, showcasing her commitment to the cohesive and thoughtful pearl theme.

In the end, Carla’s bridal ensemble not only reflected her personal style but also harmonized beautifully with Margot’s outfit.

The collaborative process and attention to detail, particularly the pearl theme, added an extra layer of significance to Carla’s wedding day look.

A Pre-Ceremony Toast: Savoring the Moment with Loved Ones

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Photo: A Pre-Ceremony Toast: Savoring the Moment with Loved Ones

In a heartwarming prelude to their ceremony, Margot and Carla took a moment to share a toast with their families.

With glasses of Champagne in hand, the soon-to-be newlyweds, surrounded by their loved ones, savored the anticipation and joy of the upcoming celebration.

This intimate and celebratory gesture served as a poignant moment of connection, allowing Margot and Carla to express their gratitude and love for those closest to them.

The shared toast became a symbol of unity, marking the beginning of a day filled with love, laughter, and cherished moments.

Amidst the excitement and anticipation, the pre-ceremony toast provided a serene and meaningful interlude, creating lasting memories with family before embarking on the next chapter of their journey together.

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