Shelf Storage for Your Lawn Mower

When faced with limited space in your garage or garden shed, an effective solution is to incorporate shelving for Lawn Mower storage.

Shelf Storage for Your Lawn Mower 1
Photo: Shelf Storage for Your Lawn Mower

To ensure the utmost safety and functionality, consider constructing a robust, low-lying shelf using plywood.

Accurate measurements of your push lawn mower are paramount for this do-it-yourself project to ensure a snug and easily accessible fit. Moreover, the top surface of the shelf can be utilized to store additional bulky items, lawn mower attachments, or oil cans, provided they are positioned out of reach of small children for safety purposes.

This shelving solution optimizes your available space and keeps your mower organized and readily accessible.

Wall Storage

Shelf Storage for Your Lawn Mower 2
Photo: Wall Storage

This option is suitable only if your lawn mower is specifically designed for vertical storage.

Otherwise, storing it vertically can lead to fuel leakage onto the floor or into the engine, which is not ideal. Additionally, many mowers are too heavy to be securely hung on a wall.

However, if you own a lawn mower that is manufacturer-approved for vertical storage, such as an electric model, this method can save you a significant amount of space. When considering wall storage, select an organizing system explicitly designed to support the weight and dimensions of a lawn mower.

This ensures both the safety of the mower and an efficient use of your storage space.

Waterproof Tarp:

Shelf Storage for Your Lawn Mower 3
Photo: Waterproof Tarp:

While this is a last-resort option, it can serve as a temporary storage solution when no other space is available for your lawn mower.

Simply cover the mower with a waterproof tarp and place it in a shaded area, such as beneath a deck. This arrangement helps shield the mower from exposure to sunlight and dust.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to remove the tarp and reapply it each time you use the mower. While not an ideal long-term solution, it can provide some protection in situations where more suitable storage options are unavailable.

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