Top 4 Lawn Mower Storage Ideas

When looking for a more compact and permit-free storage solution, consider a dedicated Lawn Mower shed.

Safety Considerations for Lawn Mower Storage

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Photo: Safety Considerations for Lawn Mower Storage

Regardless of whether you own a push mower, a ride-on mower, or both, maintaining an organized storage space for your lawn mower is crucial.

Safeguarding your lawn mower from the elements can significantly extend its lifespan and ensure it remains in excellent working condition. The choice of where to store your mower should be influenced by the available space and how frequently you use it.

Here, we’ll explore various lawn mower storage ideas, catering to Small Spaces, outdoor sheds, and do-it-yourself shelving solutions. By securely and conveniently storing your mower, you can streamline your lawn care routine.

Preserving the longevity of your lawn mower involves taking certain precautions over time.

Ideally, the mower should always be stored in a cool, dry place to prevent corrosion, with the garage being an excellent option. However, if a garage isn’t accessible or space is limited, it’s essential to ensure the mower is shielded from direct sunlight.

Moreover, never position the lawn mower directly on grass, as the moisture from the ground can lead to rust formation on the blades.

If you only use your lawn mower seasonally, it’s essential to prepare it for long-term storage correctly.

Here are some steps to follow:.

Drain the oil: Remove any residual oil from the mower’s engine to prevent it from becoming stagnant or deteriorating.

Remove the battery and spark plugs: Taking these steps before storage helps prevent battery corrosion and potential issues with spark plugs.

Clean the mower: Remove any debris or grass clippings accumulated beneath the mower to ensure it’s clean and ready for use when needed.

Sharpen or replace blades: Dull blades can hinder your mower’s performance.

Sharpen them or consider replacing them to maintain top cutting performance.

For individuals facing limited garage space or anticipating long periods of non-use, options like storing the lawn mower in a dedicated storage unit or the basement can be considered.

These measures ensure that your lawn mower remains in optimal condition and is ready for action when your lawn care needs arise.

Innovative Lawn Mower Storage Solutions:

Top 4 Lawn Mower Storage Ideas 2
Photo: Innovative Lawn Mower Storage Solutions:

Explore these practical lawn mower storage ideas to resolve your current storage dilemmas or plan for future arrangements that best suit your needs.

Utilize the Garage: Your garage stands as the top choice for lawn mower storage due to its consistent moderate temperature, dry environment, and typically cleaner conditions compared to Outdoor Spaces.

If you frequently use the mower, designate a specific corner or area within the garage for this purpose. Ensure that there’s enough clearance to move the mower in and out, even when cars are parked.

To maximize floor space, consider collapsing a foldable mower and sliding it beneath garage shelving.

Opt for a Storage Shed: When a garage isn’t available or you have limited space, a storage or garden shed serves as the next best option for lawn mower storage.

While the temperature inside a shed may fluctuate more than in a garage, it provides shelter from outdoor elements. If your yard lacks a shed, contemplate building one that can accommodate not only the lawn mower but also your assortment of landscaping tools.

Shed Access: Ensure that the shed has a sufficiently wide opening and is either flush to the ground or equipped with a ramp.

This design consideration facilitates effortless maneuvering of the mower in and out of the shed. By making thoughtful choices about where and how you store your lawn mower, you can enhance its longevity and overall performance while effectively managing your available storage space.

Mower Shed: A Compact Storage Solution

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Photo: Mower Shed: A Compact Storage Solution

When looking for a more compact and permit-free storage solution, consider a dedicated lawn mower shed.

These structures are wider than typical outdoor storage cabinets but shorter than full-sized sheds. They are purpose-built to house your lawn mower and little else, making them an efficient choice for this specific storage need.

It’s crucial to have the exact dimensions of your mower on hand when shopping for a shed to ensure a proper fit.

Material choice is another essential consideration.

Resin is a favored material for outdoor organizers due to its durability, weather resistance, and low maintenance requirements. A small storage shed can be conveniently positioned alongside the house, staying out of the way during backyard activities while remaining easily accessible when it’s time to trim the grass.

Waterproof Tent: A Temporary and Portable Option

An alternative to permanent structures is a waterproof tent, sometimes referred to as a lawn mower shelter.

These temporary fixtures are typically cost-effective, with smaller-sized models available for just under $100. They typically consist of a steel frame and a fabric cover designed to shield against UV rays and precipitation. Proper anchoring into the ground is necessary, not only for security but also to ensure a flat area for easy maneuvering of the mower in and out of the shelter. One advantage of a tent is its portability, allowing you to relocate it as needed. It can serve as a convenient short-term solution for lawn mower storage.

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